Curve Editor

Here is a simple curve editor. For example, suppose you want to generate a curve that shows velocity over time, or velocity over position. You might use this where you need a velocity at every value along the path of a robotic arm, or along the path of an animated object. You can export a text file describing the curve, the data is in the form of points along the curve. You can create such a curve for any purpose, wherever a function curve of this form is required, it is not just useful for velocity, time, etc. Note that this application is not designed to create a path to follow, although does have applications for that purpose.

The following zip contains an executable file, it is good policy to scan all executable files for viruses before running them.

Download the 3D Curve Editor

This application is released under the Ms-Pl. Windows only. The application is alpha so be forgiving if you seen any bugs, if you email me with any bug reports, I'll try and have a new fixed version posted within a week. This application is completely free, courtesy of

Source code with royalty free distribution rights is $50, Email to purchase. The source code is in .net and C# and can be used with all .net languages. Visual Studio lets you create a COM component for C++ coders with a single click.

You can uninstall the application with the Windows control panel uninstall features.

This software installs no popups, makes no unwanted changes to your registry, and does not spy on you. It may contain one or more small links to this webpage in the bottom corner of the application, there are no further hidden advertising features or 'spyware' like features. 'Adware' has unfortunately gotten a very bad name due to what some advertisers have done, I am for keeping the advertising reputable. The software is completely free.

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